UPDATE from Mr Gemmill regarding Corona Virus situation

As we move deeper into the Corona virus pandemic, and a national lockdown phase once again I would like to assure our community of pet owners that we intend to continue to provide essential and emergency care for your pets. The British Veterinary Association has published guidance on how as Vets we should alter our working practice to ensure that we can maintain animal welfare whilst protecting the health of both our staff, and you, our clients.

As medical professionals we have a responsibility to play a full part in minimising the spread of CO-VID 19.

We will continue to see essential, urgent and emergency cases. We will not be performing routine surgical procedures such as neutering or dentals for the foreseeable future. This is our commitment to maintaining the supply of medical oxygen to hospitals. We will not be performing booster vaccinations but will do puppy and kitten vaccinations.
PLEASE, telephone first before coming to the surgeries. Do not come to the practice if you have any symptoms of fever, cough or other respiratory signs. Telephone us if you are ill and have concerns for your pet and we do our utmost to assist you.
In some circumstances we may use telephone consultations, video or photographic evidence to triage cases. When you arrive at the surgery please remain in your car if possible and telephone to say you have arrived. The receptionist will call you when you are to be seen with your pet. Please follow the guidance given to you by staff when you attend.
Repeat medications for pets with long term illness will still be available. Do not panic – there is currently no shortage, nor any predicted shortfall in veterinary medicines.
We will continue to carry out surgical procedures, but only those that are essential to an animals welfare. Any payments for any treatment, procedures or medication preferably will be taken over the phone.
At the current time we plan to remain open at both the Wallasey and New Ferry clinics. Again please telephone and watch our social media for any alterations that may occur because of staff availability.
I, and all the staff at Parkside appreciate your support and patience in these difficult days. Rest assured we will do all in our power to remain in a position to support you.

Stay safe .. our furry babys still need you . Lots of love to you all at this scary time xxx