We’ve settled in to our routine at Parkside…… two separate teams of three staff for biosecurity…… working three days on, and three days off for stress and sanity…… and we are available for you seven days a week for the foreseeable, in order to give our clients access to advice and care about their pet’s health and welfare during this very worrying time. We have advised, examined and treated a lot of furry friends, some emergencies and a few with conditions varying from lame terriers, heart disease, diabetes and even a tiny piece of glass hidden in a pad! Please remember we are here if you need us…..

However, as you all know we like to enjoy ourselves so for a little fun we decided to name the teams! Dugie heads up one team, with Lisa and Tracy, so that’s TEAM SCOTLAND. Drew heads up the second, with Hayley and Beth, so that is TEAM SOUTH AFRICA.

Everyone has a badge in case they forget which team they’re on! There is a rumour that full-sized flags may be on their way